Lakeside City Quarter

By the theme 'Seenah Wohnen' an ensemble of residential estates and infrastructure were suggested to set the keynote for the identity formation of a young city quarter on the Westside of Klagenfurt. Two apartment towers take the position as a differentiated landmark on the lakeside of lake Wörthersee through horizontal caesuras, which with one gesture characterises, as well as horizontally connects with their surroundings.

location: Austria, Klagenfurt
category: urban, residence, commercial
client: investor
status: competition entry
timeline: 2016
floor space overall: 10.400m² 
site area: 22.006m²
project managment: Maria Planegger, Andreas Schmitzer
team: Felix Lohrmann, Dimitar Sharbanski, Phil Weiss
photos: A01 architects

A01 architects - Lakeside City Quarter__web02.jpg
A01 architects - Lakeside City Quarter__web03.jpg