Residence Pörtschach

From the outline of the building all the way to the design details, this summer residency was developed with complete dedication to fully engage with the site's outstanding location, directly at the waterline of lake Worthersee. The glance at the panoramic view starts already at the entrance and unfolds through full length sliding floor-to-ceiling windows. The front- and side-deck-design integrates into the roof, which has been shaped with such care, that the doorhandle became a sculptured reference to it.


location: Austria, Carinthia
category: residence, interior
client: private
status: completed
timeline: 2010–2013
floor space overall: 650m²
construction volume: 350m³
site area: 3.800m²
project manager: Maria Planegger, Benedikt Frass
team: Marie-Theres Genser, Alex Haid
implementing companies: Werkraum Wien ZT GmbH (structural engineering), Roland Müller (building physics), StalzerLutz (landscape design)
photos: Brigida Gonzales, Phillip Kreidl, Christoph Theurer
selection of media coverage: Featurefull view ahead’ in H.O.M.E. magazine, Like from another star media - print magazine Raum und Wohnen, A ship metaphor at the Wörthersee - Baunetz, Architecture with shaped concrete - Architektur Zeitung



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